About us

We are very proud of the diversity and growth of our client relationships, which we continue to carefully develop through our established network of contacts across the UK. Our job is to talk to people all day long - and we love it! We are constantly networking with business leaders and employers of choice to stay current on their growth plans and business strategies.

Unlike many recruiters, we are not in the business of just sorting CV’s. We are in the business of helping companies thrive and deliver their measurable outcomes. Through solid, long-term relationships we can truly spot opportunities where an individual’s career goals align with what our clients are trying to achieve.

We review all candidate and client enquiries carefully and treat all information with respect and diligence, never disclosing information or identity without consent. When we review a resume, we understand that this is someone’s life and career we’re talking about, not just a piece of paper.

We promise every client independent, free and confidential advice on their search, ultimately ensuring the right long term fit, because we have a genuine passion for placing talented individuals with employers of choice.

So if you’re an organisation considering a genuinely fresh approach to your recruitment needs or a top performer looking for a recruitment consultancy that you can trust, who will guide you, give you honest interview feedback, return your calls and negotiate professionally on your behalf, then it’s simple – get bang on it!